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    spioner af Gerald Procter:

    I will write in english as that is my home language but i read danish,no problem...in2010 my wife was raped,the attacker used drugs,he taped it and put it on the net,i found it...i flipped,i went completely crazy,i literally lost my mind.I had stumbled on a ring of sexual deviants who share extreme experiences in sex,incl.rape,coercion and exploitation. For two years i was on the edge of a total breakdown,we went to the police but he left the country.I followed him on the net,he is the kind of person who likes to brag,so i could always find him. In 2012 i was attacked from behind,struck on the head with a brick and pcp,"angel dust",put in my mouth,this resulted in a two year psychosis,which i am lucky to have survived. After that i was in quite a mess,among other things,constant headache,severe back pain and insomnia.I was treated for liver poisoning. At a health food shop i asked ,about two years ago,about massage,if they could recommend someone?This was in Frederiksberg,Århus,they suggested a thai massage across the road,off i went and recieved a fantastic massage which hurt like anything but i felt wonderful afterwards. The pain was gone for quite a long time but it came back,i live in Trøjborg and was in severe agony so i searched the net for thai massage nearby and found a place in Herluf Trolles gade so i went down there. I got a fantastic massage,she really could do that but i coulnd'nt help noticing that she was a sex worker (miniskirt and black net stockings) :) After the massage I realized i did not have cash,she wanted payment in cash,so i went to the acm and fetched cash for her.I went in openly,we sat and chatted,i had a cup of tea and left. A few days later i was in Rema,Trojborg,when a woman approached me,she stood staring at me,then she followed me around ,staring at me.Risskov asylum is nearby and many patients live close by,so i assumed she was not well and smiled and otherwise ignored her.Then she said"You were seen",in a very melodramatic tone of voice.I didnt know what she was talking about and assumed again that she was not well,tried to be polite and understanding,as one does in such situations... A few weeks later i was in Løvbjerg when two young girls,teenagers,began following me around and passing comments about massage,sex and so on,i turned and faced them but as they had not said anything directly to me,i could not challenge them.They carried on following me around passing comments like"ulækker" and so on. I ignored them but some time later,they started work at Løvbjerg and seemed really out to get me.Friends of theirs arrived too and did the same thing,following me around and commenting,then also in Trøjborg,on the street,comments,rude facial expressions,jeers,it seemed like the story was all over Trøjborg and known to every member of staff in Løvbjerg,who all had their opinions and let me know through talking loudly,aggressivity and ridicule. When two friends of theirs,girls,cornered me in Løvbjerg and let me know what they thought of me,"ulækkert" and so on,i had enough and wrote to the manager,complaining that i was being harrassed by his staff. As it turns out the manager was "in on it" and wrote back in an insulting and derogative fashion,plainly he thought i am an idiot and worse. So I wrote to his employers...i havent recieved a reply,they are too scared to put anything in writing,anything,because this is hot shit,steaming...no matter what their reply is,if they acknowledge in any way,that the manager was party to this victimisation,it could have serious consequences. So that is where we stand,i am waiting for their reply. The girls live opposite the massage clinc in Herluf Trolles gade,you can see a net curtain which they can look through with a small opening where they take photographs.They then victimise the people who visist the girls.Of course,not all,they dont know who they are,but whoever they can,including me,f,ex.i must have been a gift from the skies,walking in and out openly in broad daylight,and live nearby,wonderful! It is obviously their mother who puts them up to it and has some serious problems of her own.They have been encouraged to spread the story..Now i am a soft and gentle person,if some other people were to be treated in this fashion, there could be very serious and regrettable consequences... As such,spying on me,taking my picture while i am going about my private business,spreading the photos on the net and slandering me all over town,is punishable by law,this is why the manager refuses to give me their names,of course not... They still work there the kast time i looked but no comments anymore,they look very thoughtful...

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